French cosmetics business visited the Beauty Town


Exchanges| French cosmetics business delegation visited the Beauty Town ~ Have a look at what they’ve talked about~



The Beauty Town of China

During their visit to the Beauty Town from January 14 to  17, the French delegation and the Chinese side  carried out in-depth exchanges on matters related to the entry of French enterprises into the  town.

From January 14 to 17, the French delegation (including the cosmetics industry associations, brand enterprises, agents, media, etc.) visited the Beauty Town. Pan Hua, the CPPCC chairman of Wuxing district and director of the Beauty Town management committee, Mao Lirong, the deputy secretary and deputy director of Wuxing district CPC leadership group and director of the Beauty Town management committee, Chen Yongjie, the CPC deputy director and mayor of Daixi township, Hou Juncheng, the general counsel of the Beauty Town, and Wang Yanan, the deputy general manager of the Cosmetics Industry (Huzhou) Investment and Development Co., Ltd., conducted in-depth exchanges with the French side on matters relating to the entry of French enterprises into the Beauty Town.


Let’s take a look at what they’ve talked.

« In fact, many cosmetics companies in France have already known about such a place in China as the Beauty Town. But to enter the Chinese market, we have our own concerns. »


During the exchange, French businessmen expressed not only  their wish to enter the Chinese market, but also some concerns. For the issues raised by the French businessmen, the director of the Beauty Town Pan Hua said,

« Some of your current worries could be completely dispeled with the platform of Beauty Town, while the rest are what awaits our breakthroughs and improvements in the future, and we are committed to providing all-arrangement service throughout. »

« As the Beauty Town aims at building itself into the East Grasse, its street decoration can be much richer in beauty elements so as to provide memory points. » The French businessmen also made recommendations in the construction of the town.


In this regard, the Beauty Town director Mao Lirong said,

« We are very grateful for the suggestions made by the French side.The Beauty Town has been pursuing the integration of the industry and the city and projects such as the flower sea and special tourism have also been planned in the later stage. It is actually beyond our expectation that within more than two years, the Beauty town could have made such an achievement which is recognized by the cosmetics industry at home and abroad. Please believe in the speed of the construction of Beauty Town. Chnages are taking place in every minute here. We look forward to the frequent visits of the French businessmen and together we would witness the transformation of Beauty Town. »


Take a look at where they’ve gone.

In 2015, the Beauty Town made its debut in front of the world in the Louvre Museum in France. Macron, the French Minister of Economic Affairs at that time personally visited the exhibition and paid high attention on the construction and development of the town. Since the estaishment of Beauty Town in 2015, the town has been exhibited and introduced for three consecutive years in France. It has signed strategic cooperative relations with many cosmetics industry associations, well-known enterprises and media in France, sharing resources and mutual benefits.

The Sino-French exchange is mainly composed of the introduction of the sand table of Beauty Town, visits to local outstanding enterprises and to the Academy of Beauty, the exchanges and communications on the settlement of French enterprises, and the B2B conference of Sino-French enterprises.

In pictures:


Visit of construction site from the incubator


Visit of tea cultivation area


Sino-French B2B business exchange

The survey by the French cosmetics industry delegation of the Beauty Town is the initiative of the French businessmen. By reaching out to the town, they expressed the willingness for further cooperation, hoping to experience the development of the town at the spot. This is also an important manifestation of growing maturity and rising international influence of Beauty Town.

There turns out to be such a way to open up the Beauty Town~

The flower arrangement course in the Academy of Beauty


Sino-French exchange


This survey by the French delegation ended satisfactorily, yet the construction of Beauty Town is still in full swing. More quality cosmetics companies are welcome to join the big family of Beauty Town! Committed to building a platform for the exchanges of cosmetics industries at home and abroad, Beauty Town will integrate the global resources of the cosmetics industry and provide more opportunities for the settled enterprises to communicate with, learn from and cooperate with Chinese domestic and foreign quality cosmetic companies.