3rd edition of Cosmetic 360 @Paris, France

When the whole world was watching China during its 19th Congress, Beautéville continues to follow one belt one road initiative and attended 3rd edition of Cosmetic 360.

Since the launch of the project in October 2015, Beautéville succeeded in attracting over 30 companies to join the ecosystem, accounting for over 2 billion USD investment ! However, it marks only the beginning of the project, as China aims to offer to all its citizens a rich and powerful socialist nation by 2050, of which Made in China 2025 is an important component.

The rising of middle class leads to healthy way of living and consumption upgrading. Under such a favorable environment, cosmetics industry is enjoying robust growth, turning China into number 1 country in terms of sales, where the consumption per capita is only ⅕ of that in Europe.

Hence, Beautéville, a end-to-end cosmetic ecosystem, starts its internationalisation in order to promote China’s enormous market potential and its willingness to help foreign brands to penetrate into the market. As the General Counsel Mr. HOU, chairman of Proya Cosmetics said, the pie is huge, the door is widely open, and we welcome everyone to grab a slice of it. At the end, our goal is to create a virtuous competitive atmosphere to drive innovation and realize « Made in China » in 2025.

France, as world’s largest cosmetics producer, meets all needs Beautéville is looking for: brands and expertise. Meanwhile, Cosmetic 360, salon organised by Cosmetic Valley, offers a complementary platform for Beautéville’s team to encounter innovative brands and establish potential win-win collaborations.

Cosmetic Valley is always considered as Beautéville’s model and an ideal partner in France due to its leading position and outstanding resources in the industry. Following numerous discussions and visits on the field, the two parties agreed to sign a strategic memorandum of collaboration during Cosmetic 360 to pave the way for future fruitful projects. In addition, Chartres Métropole, city of Cosmetic Valley, signs letter of intention with Huzhou, city of Beautéville under presence of vice mayor of two cities.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit. To build an international cosmetic hub, we need talents to secure the execution. As a result, a partnership has been established between Beautéville and French Beauty Group to train future industry professionals and leaders.

The journey doesn’t end in Paris. Grasse, city of inspiration, here we are. The team met Grasse’s vice mayor to initiate discussions of collaboration, especially in the field of perfumery. A visit at the international museum of perfumery showed the origin, history and the modern world of perfume industry, bringing about lots of ideas to Beautéville’s museum development. Determined, Beautéville hopes to launch projects of exhibition in the near future in partnership with international museum of perfumery, Grasse…